12 Wardens, 20 Stories,
300 Years of North Woods Law Enforcement

Being a game warden in Maine (which has the oldest game warden service in the United States) is not a job, it's a way of life. Before reality TV, GPS devices, and dashboard computers, Open Season recreates a coming of age period for the Maine Warden Service. It was a time when a compass, map, and one's wits were what mattered most in the field. Every day offered the potential for an exciting new adventure, many of which endangered the wardens' lives.
Through the eyes of 12 wardens, who altogether represent 300 years of fish and game law enforcement experience in the north woods, you'll feel the excitement of a twig snapped in the dark...the frustration of second guessing yourself when lives are at stake...and the duty to do what's right, even if it means breaking the law.

Open Season: True Stories of the Maine Warden Service is a publication of Down East Books.

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If you like to binge watch North Woods Law, if you live to hunt, fish, snow mobile, or hike—or you know someone who does—this book’s for you. These stories will get you laughing out loud and then toss you neck deep into open water on a winter’s night. One thing’s for sure, when you finish reading Chapter 16, “The Boy Who Wandered Off,” you’ll never forget the game wardens of Maine or Daren Worcester’s Open Season.

— Richard Kent, Author of Words for a Mountain

Worcester has written a wonderfully authentic book that is anything but a recycle of warden stories that we have already seen on TV or read before.

— V. Paul Reynolds, Author of Backtrack and editor of Northwoods Sporting Journal

Please Support the Maine Game Warden Foundation

As a thank you to the wardens who contributed their experiences to Open Season, we have started a fund for the Maine Game Warden Foundation. The MGWF, a non-profit run by retired game wardens, supports natural resource conservation, youth programs, families in need, public safety, and other social services. Please join us in supporting the MGWF. No gift is too small (or, for that matter, too large). 


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